Our Evaluation Context:
Ontario’s Stepping Up Framework for Youth Wellbeing

YouthREX is an important part of Ontario’s Youth Action Plan.

YouthREX builds on and extends the work of the Ontario Youth Action Plan by supporting the youth sector’s capacity to measure and understand program impact. A key accomplishment of the plan is Stepping Up: A Strategic Framework to Help Ontario’s Youth Succeed. The Stepping Up Framework outlines a common vision, guiding principles, themes and priority outcomes that have been developed to guide work in support of Ontario youth. This framework includes seven significant themes and 20 priority outcomes that surround youth wellbeing outlined below.

These themes reflect key domains of experiences that support positive youth development. Positive youth development (PYD) is a framework that adopts a strength-based approach whereby intentionally structured opportunities, supports and services are provided for youth so that they can develop the skills they need to reach their potential and successfully transition  into adulthood.  This framework also considers the environmental context that youth develop in so that effective supports can be provided (e.g., school, home, community)

7 Themes, 20 Outcomes

The Stepping Up Framework is built around seven key youth wellbeing themes, 20 accompanying outcomes, and a beginning set of indicators.